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23 May

Delighting your senses

Located at the highest point of the property, Asao captivates palates with its fine dining menu. The relaxing atmosphere and personalized service along with the creativity, freshness, technique and boldness in each dish, creates a unique experience for every visitor.

Creativity – Having the freedom to always discover something new. Discovering an ingredient, a technic or a plate presentation. Looking for combination of flavors, textures, colors and aromas.

Freshness – Opting local before the other. Choosing a season product that’s in the region’s market.

Mexican touch – Implementing ingredients, recipes and techniques of our local, regional and country’s roots. Incorporating them with a new purpose in our proposal managing to sign it with a Mexican distinction.

Boldness – Surprising with something different, separating it from the common and ordinary. To try and look for a proposal that it would normally be perceived as opposite elements and converting them in an inseparable possible mix.

Solidary to the Baja Region, where 90% of the country wines are made, Asao only serves Baja California and Mexican Wines. Which can be paired with our attractive menu options.

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Santuario Diegueño is located at
Rio Yaqui 798 Col. Esteban Cantú
Tecate BC. México 21420

Tel. (665) 654 4777
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Types of Payment Accepted:

Cash and

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